Feel the feelings

Remember, even when you are feeling \”down,\”  you are still beautiful.  And worthy.  And loved and valued.  Allow yourself to feel fully, yet soften into the reality that you will move through this moment, and can feel differently soon.  Yet don\’t try to hasten the process, or judge yourself.  Be fully present, and be aware of the Divine part of yourself that is observing the part that feels separate in the moment.  Separate from your greater potential, separate from the sunshine of your own radiance.  Let go of resisting what is happening, and realize it is not happening to you as a victim, but as a creator that wants to experience life fully. In this contrast we can realize that we would like things to be different, and then we can pivot and adjust our gaze into the future where other possibilities exist.  And when we are ready we can start swimming towards what we would prefer.  We can take the strong ocean of energy that is directed at what we are feeling like we don\’t want, and realize we can redirect this water to become what we want.  Allow the preferences to arise gently from the turmoil, like coming up for breath in a breaking wave, only to get a glimpse of the ocean and the sunshine and the shore.  With each breath, come up stronger each time, until the joy will propel you up out of the misery, and rejoice that the sunshine is still there, that the day is brighter and the shore of comfort is near.

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