Life\’s stings are opportunities for harmony

When we are in the proximity of a person or situation that feels like it can \”sting\” us, and our fears come up, this is the opportunity to remember and soften into our own Divine loving nature. We can coexist with the potential threat, even send it love if we are strong enough, and see it co-existing with us in harmony. For we are all together in this world within worlds, each with our own paths and purposes. We can even give thanks, and remember that everything is there for us, not against us, unless we choose it to be so. We can choose how we relate to others and even to our \’selves\’, different parts of ourselves that give expression to various aspects of the human and divine experiences. They are actually all one, woven together by the soul and governing Presences that we are.

I AM the governing Presence and soul experiencing life, in its many facets, and I give thanks for every opportunity to bring harmony and healing to my own internal life and my outer interactions and expressions.

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