Release Recalcitrant Patterns Through The Ruby Ray

Let us call forth the Ruby Ray to go forth into any recalcitrant patterns of emotions or thought that no longer serve us, to release them and allow the Angels of Chamuel and Charity to assist us in this healing. The Ruby Ray is like a focused laser beam of the Pink Ray.Then let us connect with our own I AM Presence to being us the perfected patterns to allow us to live in peace, love and freedom.

I AM calling forth the action of the Ruby Ray of Divine Love to remove any suffering and unwanted thoughts and feelings, and replace them with Peace, Love, Harmony and Happiness. I am then bathed in the softness of my own loving Divine Self, an expression of God/Goddess/All that is. I am grateful.

(All photos copyright Anna Champagne.  And yes I did photograph that beautiful rose! just got rid of the background in photoshop)

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