Violet Flame Angels

Let us call to the Violet Flame Angels of Archangel Zackiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst to help in transmuting anything in our lives that are less than the perfection that we would prefer, allowing thoughts and actions and experiences in the past to be healed so that they may no longer affect us. Don\’t revolve the past, meaning don\’t continue to bring to the surface that which we have put in the violet fire and that no longer serves, by continuing to think and talk about it, and have strong feelings about it. The violet flame can truly transmute, I have seen this work in my own life, astounding really, to become free so that we may move forward in achieving new victories and accomplishments, unburdened by the past. If we have done a wrong, make amends as best as possible, or we have been hurt, learn from the experience, and then use the flame of freedom and forgiveness to assist us on our journey.  

I AM the Violent Flame transmuting all that no longer serves me in my journey of freedom.

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