The Pink Ray of Love Divine

May the Pink Ray Angels of Chamuel and Charity surround you with the pink ray of Divine Love. This Love can feel soft and supportive, nurturing and nourishing, and yet it is the strongest force. As we call forth this energy, bringing it into our physical and spiritual heart and allowing it to emanate outward, it becomes a shield against all that wishes to assail us. Even if there is not an adversarial relationship in our lives, there are energies from others that do not rise to the highest and most noble, so rather than shun the person who is struggling or suffering, or in an angry or unkind mood, let us contact that beautifully victorious energy that seeks to heal, not harm, and allow that to protect us as it sends forth love, compassion and kindness. It is then that our beingness precedes our doingness, and can begin to ease the heart of a kindred soul in need, petal by petal. So let us call forth these loving Pink Ray Angels, and be the Loving Presence today.

 I AM loved, supported and nurtured by the Pink Ray of Divine Love and the Angels of Chamuel and Charity.

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