Live Joyfully, Surround Yourself in Beauty!

A Path of Beauty is a journey through life, the most beautiful, joyful, vibrant life that we can create…

 It is living an inspired life of vibrant health and wellbeing, joy, peacefulness, creativity and love in its purist form and many expressions.

 Let's begin the journey.....

Anna Champagne, Fiber Artist, Vibrational Energy / Color Healer, Designer, combines her extensive training and passion in art , textiles, healing and design to offer products, services and inspiration to surround you in the healing power of color and beauty in its myriad expressions. 

The products and services are all based on vibrational and bio-energetic healing.  For the Body, for the Home, for the Divine within.  Products and services that bring a higher vibration to you and your world.  Healing Consultations to bring you to the core of who you are.

The healing power of C-O-L-O-R!  It's all about color...light, color, frequency, vibration, energy.  We are surrounded by color, and are influenced by it as well, in our surroundings, in our clothes, in our food, in our homes, cars, offices, the places we frequent, schools, stores, parks,sunsets, sunrises, meditations, etc.




Healing Consultations



Healing Art


Healing Color Consultations

Intuitive Interior Design 

Creating your Inner / Outer Sanctuary

The Healing Power of C-O-L-O-R lectures, trunk shows, workshops

Breathing and Joyful Movement for Vibrant Health 


Silks - Luxurious silks in vibrant, healing colors.  

Art - Sacred, spiritual, color healing


Paths, gardens,  flowers, beautiful surroundings, healing color, sacred art, words and pictures to inspire.