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Using Color to Enrich Our Lives

Color surrounds us in all aspects of our lives, and affects us emotionally.  We are energetic beings. Colors are the energetic frequencies of light, so our bodies respond to color. As an energetic healing modality, color can affect people at every level of their being. The informed use of color frequencies supports the balancing of our health: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Plus BONUS Chart of Healing Colors

Want to consciously use color every day in practical ways?

This Chart of Healing Colors will show you the colors and the qualities and emotions associated with them.

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Plus BONUS Chart of Healing Colors

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About a Path of Beauty

A Path of Beauty is a journey through life, the grandest, most beautiful, vibrant life that we can create… It is one of beauty, inspiration, joy, vibrant health and wellbeing, peacefulness, creativity, connection and movement. I offer inspiration with products and services to inspire you to create your life... moment to moment...beyond your wildest imaginings…a life not just of possibilities, but of manifestations…

Being the Divine...here on Earth.

About Anna Champagne

Anna Champagne is a Fiber Artist, Designer, Author, Vibrational Energy Color Healer specializing in color and healing the emotions. She is the owner of A Path of Beauty and  Anna Champagne Silks, creating vibrant and luxurious silk scarves, shawls, throws and custom fabrics, and paintings. Each scarf is designed and hand painted one-at-a-time by the Artist with dyes in beautiful uplifting colors. Anna also offers consultations in healing and interior design inner/outer sanctuary. Anna has a gift for assisting others in remembering their innate joy and connection with their Divine self, to live empowered lives of love, peace, beauty and vibrant health.

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