7 Steps to heal what's holding you back and increase your flow of abundance


  Hello Beautiful Woman, on a path of passion and purpose,

   Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed about next steps in your business?

    Are you unclear or lacking energy or focus in your creative projects?

    Are your emotions taking you away from the life you want to live rather than towards it?

   Are you living with joy, peacefulness, focus, clarity, purpose?

  Are you feeling peaceful, happy, joyful?

Clear, focused, motivated?

  Are you needing help clearing what is holding you back from living a vibrant, abundant, joyful life?

4:  My story, I get it! Been there! I still need to fine tune this area

I am a Professional Fiber Artist / Designer / Color Healer

Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator and Past Trainer

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

With Degrees in Textiles and Interior Design

I have been working with color for over 30 years as a Professional Fiber Artist and over 20 years as a Holistic Healer, Facilitator and Trainer. I am a Mother of two grown beautiful children, an Entrepreneur / Owner of Anna Champagne Silks and A Path of Beauty, a flower gardener, knitter and traveler.

I experience stress and challenges like everyone, yet as an empath and sensitive, my emotional sensitivity is a two-edged sword. I feel deeply, emotions can sometimes overwhelm me, yet this sensitivity makes me a creative artist and compassionate healer.  (I was a victim of a violent crime, experienced injuries, chronic pain and severe PTSD, and I am overcoming theses challenges and more through my own journey with color healing, the Angels, and living my life on A Path of Beauty.

Imagine waking up happy, motivated, peaceful and ready to get your mission out into the world….

With vibrant energy…

Feeling connected with your own Divine Self and intuition and wisdom…

Feeling inspired to bring this vibrant beautiful energy to everything you do as you live your highest vision and mission!

Living with greater clarity, love, joy, peacefulness, happiness and abundance and able to create a successful business.

When your business isn't going the way you want or feels overwhelming and stressful, the benefits of my color healing course is deep healing of the emotional body, to access higher states of consciousness, to feel uplifting, calming, peaceful energy, connect with your higher Divine Self, feel unconditional love, gain greater clarity, peacefulness, and joy, NOW!









Do you want to create from a higher more vibrant energy?

Do you want to access more clarity, intuition, guidance? 

Do you want to feel more joy and happiness?

Do you want more clarity and focus as you are creating projects that support your vision and mission in life?

Do you want to access higher inspiration and  clearer intuition?

Do you want to feel confident and empowered?

 This program is for you if….

…You want to heal the past, access higher states of consciousness, gain greater clarity, intuition, wisdom, focus, peace, abundance and joy!

…You want to allow the true vibrant YOU to radiate through all you do in your mission driven business and attract a greater flow of abundance.

…You want to create an energy for yourself to experience vibrant health, peaceful flow, joyful abundance, and empowered action.

Color Healing Online Course

8 weeks of group calls, including time to get your questions answered.

Online portal with recorded calls and modules that you can access anytime.

* Color Healing Silk Scarf - hand-dyed, energy infused, one color for each module

(A Set of 7 Color Healing Silk Scarves - Sapphire Blue, Golden Yellow, Pink, Emerald Green, Ruby, Violet plus Turquoise or Aqua)

Each Color Healing Course module includes:

      * About Color Healing and how it affects your energy and abundance vibration

       * Qualities / Positive Emotions / Archangels so you can tap into the energy

      * Intentions / Uses / Practical Everyday Applications you can start using right away

      * Visualizations / Meditations to help you in your practice

      * Affirmations to infuse the color energy within you and your business
      * Journal / Personal Journey With Color

Each week learn about Color Healing and experience the energy of a color by wearing the color healing silk scarf….during meditation / visualizations / affirmations / everyday life, while learning about that specific color / emotions / qualities / practical applications.

In my Color Healing Course you will learn and experience:

*Color as energy / frequencies of Light / energy of emotions.

*Divine or emotional qualities of each of the colors and how they can heal, support and empower you.

*Experience healing colors/energy through wearing color healing silk scarves.

Color Healing is a vibrational energy healing modality that uses specific frequencies to affect your own personal energy field and positively affect your life. This can be experienced though Anna Champagne Color Healing Silks, intentions, meditations, visualizations, affirmations, and conscious use of color and energy so that you can have the vibrant, abundant, joyful, peaceful, happy life of your dreams, NOW!



“Anna has a gift of enabling me to access a clearer understanding of the places I've been getting stuck in my life.  I've found the issues that were botheringme at the start of a session to be cleared away 

after working with her.  She is a beautiful being who orients her life and work from a high vibrational dimension. Anna has the ability to activate deep healing of the emotional body.”

                         Lisa Jones, Owner, NIA NH and Yoga  


The Full Color Healing Course PLUS a Set of Color Healing Silks Scarves

 Two payments of $347 each

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Or you can save by paying in full $597.

$597 (valued at $150)

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After signing up you will receive all the details by email and will be sent the set of 7 color healing silks before the start of the course.

If you have any additional questions please contact me at or call me at 941-993-0633,

About a Path of Beauty

A Path of Beauty is a journey through life, the grandest, most beautiful, vibrant life that we can create… It is one of beauty, inspiration, joy, vibrant health and wellbeing, peacefulness, creativity, connection and movement. I offer inspiration with products and services to inspire you to create your life... moment to moment...beyond your wildest imaginings…a life not just of possibilities, but of manifestations…

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