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Celebrating Father’s Day!

Wishing all a Happy Father’s Day! Sending love to all the Dads, those who are still close, or even distant, and to those in Heaven. I had an amazing experience this week. I got guided to a letter that my Dad wrote to me a very long time ago when I was in college. He rarely wrote so this was special. The part that really touch me deeply were encouraging words that were so relevant to what I am going through and feeling now. He wrote…..

“…..take time and make sure what you know what you want and then reach your goal in life, but be happy with what you do. Some decisions will be very hard so watch the crossroads. I am so happy for you that everything you strive for you accomplished.”

I share these encouraging words for any of you who can benefit from the support. I think this is a time of great transition. And opportunity to heal whatever is coming up in our life and then make choices that are in alignment with our deepest heart and calling.

There is much talk about finding or living our purpose. I think our whole life is a spiritual path, and the more conscious we become in realizing what feels good to us, and what doesn’t, and to make choices to heal parts of ourselves that weigh us down, or bring heaviness to our energy. It is an opportunity today to heal our relationships with our Fathers, and also the masculine energy in our lives or that part of ourselves.

I believe that whatever comes to the surface and to our conscious awareness, is an opportunity. For when we heal emotions and experiences that have become trapped in our energy field, we can experience a beautiful flow of energy that brings feelings of love, joy, clarity, peacefulness, and so much more.

Also this week, I had a conversation with one of my brothers. He spent a weekend with two of his sons in activities that they are passionate about and love to share with each other. He said it was one of the best times of his life, along side the birth of his children. Wow! What a gift. I have seen so much healing happening in their relationship in the past few years. It shows that no matter what we have gone through, there is always hope and healing.

So if you are spending the day with your Dad, or children and family if you are a Dad, I wish you a day that brings happiness to your heart. And if you are apart, then I wish you to feel the love connection. And if your heart is heavy from past experiences or current estrangement, I send you healing energy and love. I send you all love as we connect with this masculine energy today and celebrate all the Fathers, wherever they may be, and whatever our relationship with them is. Celebrating Dads today!

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